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I Hate To See Her Upset

E is feeling very unhappy today, she’s having a lot of problems all cropping up at once, it seems, and this, coupled with it coming up to the anniversary of a close relative’s death, means she’s pretty sad at the moment. I do so hate to see her sad, as she’s such a nice and happy person, she always makes me smile.

So I had a talk to her on MSN about it. At first I said that I wish I could help but I didn’t really know what to say. Then she said “just you being there is enough :)”. That was really cute, I said “aww” and “you always make me smile and I hate to see you upset”. She liked that, responding with “:) * hug *” which I returned. About her relationship problems, I told her she was a really nice person and deserved somebody. She seemed to cheer up after all that, which was good. We talked about other stuff and at the end of the conversation she said “thanks for the chat 🙂 really needed it”. I was pleased that I’d managed to cheer her up a bit, and just said “that’s ok, it’s what I’m here for”.

Although her problems are still present, I hope I went a little way into cheering her up. She such a nice person, I hate to see her upset. I just wanted to go visit her straight away and give her a big hug. Luckily easter is just round the corner so I’ll be seeing her soon. I can’t wait 😀

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