Subtle Hint?

You know that Bulgarian girl I said I fancy? Well, the other day she seemed to hint to me that she liked me too. When I say that, she seems to like me anyway, through our general conversations, but this was a more obvious hint. Perhaps. I could just be reading into it too much.

Anyway, so this supposed ‘hint’. We were talking about films, and she recommended ‘Euro Trip’. So I went on IMDB, and here is the plot summary: “When Scotty’s German online pen pal suggests they meet, he initially freaks out (he thinks it’s a guy). But then he discovers that she’s (a she and) gorgeous, and heads out with three friends after graduation to meet her. As they travel across Europe, the four friends have comical misadventures.” Sound like a sort of similar situation? Okay, so I might be reading too much into it.

She does like me, as a friend at least, that much I can be sure of. But I have doubts that she likes me in any other way. I mean, she’s never actually met me in person. But if she does make it over, I’ll ask her out anyway, and maybe she’ll say yes, and we’ll become closer. I know it probably sounds silly that I like her despite we’ve never met. But she seems like a really nice, hard working, not to mention pretty, girl – and I’m completely bowled over by her 🙂

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