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The End of an Era

Tomorrow marks the end of an era. One of my primary school teachers is finally leaving the school (retiring). He was one of my favourite teachers. I particularly liked him because of the phase he used when things went wrong – he used to say “oh, eccles cakes”. He was well liked by everyone, although A said he used to pick on him a lot, which I never realised. I once wet myself in his class, actually – not a particularly good memory, that (lol). One of my schoolmates who’s mum is friends with my mum is apparently going in tomorrow to see him. I would, but don’t want to go in on my own and wouldn’t really know what to say to him. He probably wouldn’t remember me anyway – he’s been there so long he couldn’t possibly remember me. Such a sad day. He was a legend. He will be sorely missed by me and everyone he taught.


Inner Strife

My lot is the boring life
Yet my mind is full of strife
Lamenting on my social exile
The self-imposed expulsion

I do not belong there, I cry
But that is not true, I sigh
You can enter this world
If you leave yourself behind

I cannot lose myself, I say
It is all I have left today
I cannot become a cliché
I cannot do what others do

Well, have a sad life, I reply
Kiss a social life goodbye

You will not know the fun you could have
You will never know the touch of another

Mind Over Matter

What am I doing, sitting here
Chasing a ghost on the ‘net
Why am I not out there
Chasing girls, in clubs & bars

What do I know of them
Those beings of beauty
What does it matter, really
That I have no experience

But it does matter to me
It consumes my entire being
What am I missing out on
Haunts my every step

My body is crying out
For some company
I cannot satisfy it’s urge
And it corrupts me

What A Fantastic Day!

Yesterday was one of the best days in a long time, because of two gatherings that occurred.

The first one was when I met A and J at the Common for a kick-about (i.e played football (soccer)) for an hour or so. It was funny because we weren’t very good at passing to each other, often missing wildly. That, coupled with the fact it was raining and the ground was muddy made it a great laugh. Both A and J slipped up several times, it was fantastic. Then we went to J’s house. On the way we saw this suicidal mouse climb down a drain. We tried to save it using two sticks like chopsticks, but it went down another pipe instead. Who knows what happened to it. Anyway, when we got to J’s house and played MW2 and FIFA10. I beat them at MW2 epically but lost pretty badly at FIFA10.

Then I rushed home at 6:30 because a bunch of us were meeting at a local pub. We (well, I) got very drunk and we all had a great time reminiscing about (sixth form college, college in the UK sense) college and my, J and A’s adventures earlier, as well as other stuff. It was a great day, I hope then during the summer break we can have great days like that as well. I can’t wait. But now I need to start writing an essay for when I go back to uni in two weeks time, so no more adventures for me.


It’s Easter! I’m not happy about that because of the religious side (even though I am RC), I’m happy about that because it means I get a two week break from uni and can see my friends! We’ve got several thing planned, including going to the pub a few times and going to see Kick-Ass. It should be great! Good times 🙂

On the down side though, I do have a 1,500 word essay to write, which also involves reading about 6 books and several journal articles. Bad times 😦

Some Male Life Conventions

Firstly, can I just say that yes, I do realise this has been covered a billion times over the internet. But I want to make my own list so 😛
Here I’m going to list a select few conventions (rules, if you will) of male life. They are:

  • Phone conversations: If talking to another guy, they should be used only to impart information, and should last less than two minutes. It is acceptable to talk for longer about other stuff if talking to a female or family member.
  • Urinals: You must always have a one urinal gap in between each man. If there are no available gaps, and you’re desperate, then it is acceptable to go next to someone providing you look at the wall in front of you and nowhere else.
  • Emotions: Emotions cannot be displayed at any time, except when hit in the balls or drunk, although in both instances your friends hold the right to laugh at you for it for the rest of their lives.
  • Hugs: Only ultra-cool guys can give out hugs, and such hugs can be accepted with visible enthusiasm. If hugged by an uncool person you are required to show severe discomfort afterwards.
  • Music: High School Musical et al is expressly forbidden, upon pain of being called ‘gay’. This also goes for most mainstream, bland pop.
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Must… Resist…

Recently I’ve been having thoughts about how to ask out J-O, or how to lead into a situation where she asks me if I like her. It’s really stupid as it would be pointless to say I like her before we even met, because neither of us will be sure if we really like each other, and also we wouldn’t be able to act on it for another six months. So for the next little while I’ll just have to try and resist telling her  I like her and try to resist even thinking about telling her.

It’s going to be difficult.

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