Secondary School Series of Posts

I have decided to write a series of posts about my experience of secondary school, since I was not blogging at that time, and many of my experiences in that school shaped my current personality.

To give you some background, my secondary school (for you Americans, that’s basically high school without the last two years, after which we go to ‘sixth form collages’, then university) was an all-boys Roman Catholic school. As you can imagine, it was a veritable hell. Most of the students were very angry teenagers who loved bullying the weaker ones. I wasn’t quite one of the weak ones, but somewhere in-between, since being as I was, in top set, they couldn’t really do too much to me because I could talk to the teachers about it, and action would be taken. However this was a power I rarely used – only once, as far as I can remember, during those five years. There were a minority that were very nice, and those people were mostly my friends, however distantly.

Being out of contact with the opposite sex for so long, having as I did little social interests in which I could meet girls, did a lot of damage to my self-confidence and general perception of women. Since I had little contact, any I did have generally involved me feeling very uncomfortable and trying to get out of there as fast as possible. The bullying (although in all honesty I received very little direct bullying, but the general atmosphere was bad enough) also severely dented my self-confidence.

All this, combined with losing my best friend early on after a misunderstanding (which I should probably, really, properly explain at some point exactly what happened) pretty much destroyed my self-confidence and pushed my into a lonely social corner in which I found myself increasingly turning to the online Star Wars community as my only source of social interaction and way of not thinking about my problems. (A situation that, actually, seems to be replicating itself right before my – and your – eyes.) College did change that slightly, but even now I am still mostly a social misfit and socially awkward.

So, that sums up my secondary school experience. Depressing, isn’t it? If it sounds depressing to you, just remember, I actually lived this situation – and turned out all the worse for it (as you can probably tell by reading the blog). Thanks for listening!

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