Childhood Poetry

I see the sun, shining bright
I hear children, happily playing
The chatter I know so well
The joy that permeates the air

We live only for play
On and on, ’til the light fades away
To live in the moment
Is endless joy

Here are my friends
We run, play, have fun
For to play with friends
Brings endless hapiness

We know not of the future
Of time, of the years
Of the outside world
Or of the pressure of peers

Here I still dwell
The joy is still there
But the chatter have faded away
Into the mind

I still want to play
Still live in the moment
But none else feel this
They have moved to the future

I am alone
With only my thoughts
With my memories
Of a childhood, lost

  1. 15/02/2010 at 12:54 pm

    a lovely poem.we all long for those happy childhood moments.

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