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Memories of My Best Friend

When I was in primary school, A was my best friend (he’s the one I fell out with but then made up years later – see this post also). It was the perfect friendship. I used to go round his house so often it was like a second home to me. We would spend ages playing with his train set, or building Lego ships and vehicles to battle with each other. We would enjoy watching films and playing computer games. Sometimes would we have sleepovers, where we would stay up until early morning, usually making an elaborate Lego design of some sort.

In school we would always play cops and robbers and stuff together, even in the first year of primary school when we didn’t have many other proper friends (although we were obviously friendly with everyone else in the year/class, it was and is a small school) we used to pretend we were policemen – I would often pretend I had a police motorcycle, riding it in the style of The Hair Bear Bunch in my head. We also had a game where we pretended to be Power-Ranger-style heroes from a different planet, although I can’t for the life of me remember what the planet was called (I keep thinking it’s on the tip of my tongue, but I then lose it).

The most epic thing we ever did, that I remember, was during one summer when we spent days upon days walking around the field during lunchtime (we were only allowed on the field for lunchtime/breaktime in summer you see) to discuss this new strategy game one of his friends had got from Japan where apparently (I say that because looking back I doubt such a game ever existed) you could do whatever you like, design your own tanks e.t.c to use for your army. We spent so long discussing it that we’d basically created a game of our own in our heads by the end of the week, it was a fantastic experience, just the endless possibilities that this (supposed) game could open up for us if we had it.

Those times were fantastic. I’m so gutted that due to my stupidity I threw it all away for 5 years and lost all the potential good times we could have had in that time. But I still have the memories to cheer up. And hopefully, this summer, when we’re off uni, I can rekindle this old friendship properly, go back to being the sorta mates we used to be before. (Silly me, I’m starting to well up a bit now.) Summer cannot come soon enough.

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