Girls and Their Phones

Girls love their phones don’t they? I don’t mean as a fashion accessory, I mean as a communication device. It’s a rare male phone conversation that goes over two minutes – important information is quickly discussed and imparted, a conclusion made, and that’s it. It’s a tool to get arrangements sorted, nothing more. Long chats are reserved for an evening down the pub. With girls it’s different. They spend ages on the phone talking about everything, and nothing – what they’ve been up to, funny stories, advice and gossip. They hardly ever meet up to discuss these things while having a good time – it’s all very serious.

Take yesterday evening, for example. M phoned me to try and catch a lift back from the pub tonight (and bunch of us are going), as her friend who’s house she was going to stay round now can’t come. We got that sorted fine, but even that took five minutes to sort out – if it was a guy I’d been talking to, the conversation would have been finished in two minutes, and the call promptly ended.

Not with M though. She started talking to me about going to visit J at his uni, and how they’d gone to a pub with his mates and some random person at the bar had started hitting on her. I’m all for talking about such things, but over the phone it seemed… unnatural. Impersonal. Like I said, guys would want to talk about that in person, so you could have a right laugh about it amongst ourselves. This way just seems so… artificial. Without proper connection. Could she not have waited until tonight to tell me about it? Then we could have a proper laugh about it together, and have another good topic of conversation. In total, the call lasted around twenty minutes – 20 minutes! Like I said, I’m all about having long chats, but on the phone, it somehow doesn’t feel right.

So yeah, that’s girls and their phones.

(P.S: She also mentioned something kinda disturbing, this funny story about how she banged her head on a shelf while having sex with J. I didn’t say about it at the time (I just said it was indeed a funny story), but I really didn’t want to know that. I mean, I know we’re very open and comfortable talking to each other about stuff, but I think that goes a bit too far.)

  1. 13/02/2010 at 5:29 pm

    Heh, I’m definitely woman and HATE talking on the phone! Although I will text, or talk online. But when I get annoyed with texting I will call the person really quick and say ‘ok I’m gonna meet you there at this time.. need anything else? k bye!”

    I will however talk in person (: Its much better to me than talking on the phone because you feel like you’re actually there for the person instead of trying to get ready or folding laundry (or in my case taking care of my son) while only hearing half of what your friend is talking about.

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