Animals are a lot easier to get along with than humans – their needs are simple and if you meet those needs they will like you for it.

For example, we have a rabbit (well, it’s my brother’s). Most of the time he will spend eating grass, when it isn’t in the hutch sleeping, or in the run. If you want to stroke him, he’ll let you – if he isn’t particularly interested, it’ll continue doing whatever it’s doing. But sometimes he’ll lay down and really enjoy it. It’s great when that happens because it means you can lay down next to him and give him a nice long stroke (ok, yes, unfortunately this bit is getting to sound a bit iffy).

It’s a very calming experience – when that happens I forget all my problems, and in a way also makes me think that I do not need a girlfriend or anything, that an animal is all the company I need to feel loved.

I’ve always wanted a cat. Perhaps I’ll get a cat when I’m older, that I can take care of and make me feel loved. Then I won’t ever have to worry about girls ever again.

  1. 28/01/2010 at 3:59 am

    i think that’s how women begin to collect cats. be careful…

  2. 29/01/2010 at 7:01 pm

    That’s why I like animals more than I even like people. They don’t try to be something they’re not and they don’t judge you for being yourself, either.

    But I dunno.. I’m more of a dog person myself 🙂

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