I Still Think About Her

Hey, it’s yet another post about that girl I used to like. Boring, I know. Anyway, I still think about her. It’s so stupid. As I said before, it’s really just because she is really fit that I liked her. Every time I see her or think about her, I always think how great it would be to her as my girlfriend, someone that so incredibly sexy. But I know there was never a chance of that – I knew that from the beginning. (All this is against my ‘principles’, I know).

I still kind of hate her. Well, I don’t really. I hate myself for thinking I had a chance. I hate myself for thinking of her only in terms of her body. I hate how, even now, I cannot get over the fact she rejected me. What is wrong with me, seriously? Is is because she is the last person that I fancied, that I need someone new to enter my sights to get rid of this cloud that hangs over me.


  1. 05/02/2010 at 6:38 am

    Hey there, I just came across your blog randomly and saw this and loved it xD
    2 reasons:
    – you’re a guy blogger
    – you’re so truthful
    Anyways, don’t worry about thinking about your last crush, it’s normal. Nothing’s wrong with you 🙂 And yes, sometimes you do need new people to help you forget people from the past. I’m living through it right now.

  2. 14/02/2010 at 10:50 am

    i like your blog.. very personal.

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