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Too Much Focus On Girl-Friends

Last night (night is a time when I do a lot of my musings that end up on here) I just realised something. For ages now, I’ve been focussing most of my attention on my female friends. They are mostly the people I invite over these days, I haven’t had a male friend come round for a while now. It’s the same with MSN conversations, they are almost exclusively with girls these days. I suppose it must be a sort of slight release valve for sexual frustration that I feel.

Well, this trend stops now. I shall not use my female friends in this way. From now on, I will make an effort to see more of my male friends. It’s quite a good time to realise this, since I also recently realised that I’m drifting apart from some of my male friends, which I don’t want to do.

This is very good realisation.

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