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It’s The Little Mistakes

I find it’s the little mistakes that most preoccupy my mind when I think about mistakes. Silly little mistakes, sometimes not even my fault, that I keep remembering, and regretting, every so often. Here are some examples:

Once, M was being cuddled by E and another (female) friend of mine. I said “aww, they love you”, but M thought I said to her “I love you”, and promptly slapped me. I asked “what the hell was that for!?”, and she explained the situation. I don’t think about that one much any more.

Another time, E had hurt herself doing something (a regular occurrence for her) and I said, “aww, bubsie”, and C (I’ve talked about her before but didn’t tag her as C, might go back and do that in the coming days) thought I said “aww, bum cheeks”, of all things. I explained to her what I said and she realised she’d heard wrong, but I still think about it, like it was my fault.

I also often feel stupid when I invite someone around and they say they can’t come, which they’d kinda told me before what they were doing instead, but I had forgotten. I always regret those and feel like I’ve made an idiot of myself.

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