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Am I Scared Of Girls?

During an interesting and rather surreal MSN conversation once, somebody asked me “are you afraid of girls or something.” I did, like any man would, say categorically “no”. But then, unlike a lot of guys, when I said that, I was lying. Am I scared of girls? You bet I am.

I dunno what it is about girls that scare me (when I say girls, I mean like, ones I don’t know – I’m not scared of girls I know. Much). Perhaps it is their ‘otherness’, the fact they are different, which means I don’t know how they think or act, that scares me. I don’t like trying to start a conversation with one, through not knowing the best way to start a conversation with one these other-worldly beings. I am certainly scared of intimate contact with girls, as my previously-mentioned-in-this-blog dislike of spin-the-bottle (by the current people-of-my-age standards a positively tame game) and in real life just general aversion of intimacy. Perhaps I’m scared they’ll get to know me, and dislike me, even though there is (possibly, I’m not so convinced) a just-as-likely chance that they’ll actually like me.

I dunno, really. I’m just messed up.

  1. 14/01/2010 at 4:43 am

    I dont think thats messed up, I think you’re being honest with yourself. If you kept denying that you’re afraid of these girls (really afraid of them getting to know you it seems), well then that’d be messed up, and sadly all too common.

  2. youngdecember
    14/01/2010 at 8:26 pm

    We’re not scary. Maybe a bit complicated, but definitely not scary (:

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