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Don’t Tell Me Love Is Bad

I was talking to one of my friends on MSN the other day and she was telling me how her boyfriend cheated on her. He kissed several girls at my party that I told you about around a month ago, I didn’t know because they slept in the living room downstairs while I slept in my room. She asked my advice and I simply said she should do what she thinks is right. She said she won’t dump him because she loves him, but also said:

her: never fall in love, it’s crap me: aww don’t say that her: it is so overratated its true it brings nothing but pain and trouble me: lonliness is worse her: it’s an ache but at least it’sconsistant. u never really know what love’ll do 2 u next, like boxing below the belt lol me: well at least u have got somebody her: like i sed, i dnt no wat will happen nxt nemore, living in constant fear he’ll do it again or go furthur it’s not gd 4 u loneliness is healthier

I just thought “don’t tell me that!”. Love can’t be like that, most of the time. If that’s what she thinks love is, then she isn’t feeling love at all. She may ‘love’ him, but resentment isn’t love, as far as I know. I feel kinda sorry for her, that she feels like he may cheat on her in the future, yet cannot bear to break up with him. And we all know where that kinda situation eventually leads, and it’s not a happy place.

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