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Get Over It (Important Films Part 2)

Get Over It is a film in which a guy gets dumped by his childhood-sweetheart-turned-highschool-lover, and then gets into the school’s production of A Midsummer Nights Dream in order to win her over again. He enlists the help of another girl, played by the fantastic Kirsten Dunst, to improve his acting skills. During this time they become increasingly attracted to each other but he still wants to try and get back with the other (supposedly really hot but kinda bitchy too) girl, not quite realising where his true feelings lie. In the end he decides not to get back with his girlfriend but instead declares his love for Kirsten Dunst’s character on-stage during the production.

I like this film because of the decision he makes, the type of girl he goes for – the right type. He realises that what he chasing maybe hot, but ultimately, she doesn’t love him. He realises that the sweet, shy girl is the right person for him. And, as you probably know, the geek or the shy one getting the girl, or in this case, the boy, is really something that I want to believe is possible. It also shows that guys should not think with their cock like they usually do but actually think who is right for them, who is the right one, who is the one for them. Not some silly, granted, hot, but trophy, girlfriend/wife e.t.c, but a sensible, down-to-earth, shy but beautiful girlfriend/wife that he can love, and who will love him. As you know, I think our society’s obsession with looks is detrimental to our well-being and the healthiness of society, so the fact he goes for love, not looks, is what is so commendable about this film.

At this point I hear you say ‘but there are lots of films like that’, and, kind of, you are right. However, that is usually a hot girl or hot guy falling for a shy girl/shy guy, but with this they are both more or less ordinary, which for me makes it special, as not many films do that. It gives me hope that an ordinary guy like me can get, yes, an ‘ordinary’ girl, but also, at the same time, although she is ‘ordinary’, she is, because of that, extraordinary. One day, a ordinary, nice girl will find me, I hope, and will love me for who I am.


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