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Snow (Or Lack Thereof) and the British

Hey look, it’s a blog post that isn’t about how depressed I am! Joy of joys!

If you are a member of Twitter then you may well have seen the hashtag #uksnow. Yes, that’s right – it snowed in the UK for once! It was amazing how suddenly a tiny bit on snow caused Twitter to go haywire, with #uksnow hitting around 5th or 4th in the top trending topics for a few hours. That’s what us Brits are like – obsessed with the weather – but even more obsessed with snow! Every year we wish for it to snow properly – but it rarely happens. It did early this year, in February, I think, and it was awesome. Today (where I was at least) it hardly snowed at all, and only for about an hour. But in that hour, I dared to hope – dare to hope it would snow properly, and lay!

Alas, it did not happen. But I hope, at some point in the coming month or so, that it does. It would be awesome!

  1. 17/12/2009 at 3:47 am

    I hate snow. funny, I live in New England (get it? you live in old England. aha), and we get snow all the time. but so far we only got one snowfall and it didn’t stick, so I’m pretty happy about that. thanks global warming! (;

  2. 18/12/2009 at 4:28 am

    I don’t really like cold, though I’ve dealt with it all my life. I had to walk to school in it last year. I just like warm weather I guess.

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