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Get Over It (Important Films Part 2)

Get Over It is a film in which a guy gets dumped by his childhood-sweetheart-turned-highschool-lover, and then gets into the school’s production of A Midsummer Nights Dream in order to win her over again. He enlists the help of another girl, played by the fantastic Kirsten Dunst, to improve his acting skills. During this time they become increasingly attracted to each other but he still wants to try and get back with the other (supposedly really hot but kinda bitchy too) girl, not quite realising where his true feelings lie. In the end he decides not to get back with his girlfriend but instead declares his love for Kirsten Dunst’s character on-stage during the production.

I like this film because of the decision he makes, the type of girl he goes for – the right type. He realises that what he chasing maybe hot, but ultimately, she doesn’t love him. He realises that the sweet, shy girl is the right person for him. And, as you probably know, the geek or the shy one getting the girl, or in this case, the boy, is really something that I want to believe is possible. It also shows that guys should not think with their cock like they usually do but actually think who is right for them, who is the right one, who is the one for them. Not some silly, granted, hot, but trophy, girlfriend/wife e.t.c, but a sensible, down-to-earth, shy but beautiful girlfriend/wife that he can love, and who will love him. As you know, I think our society’s obsession with looks is detrimental to our well-being and the healthiness of society, so the fact he goes for love, not looks, is what is so commendable about this film.

At this point I hear you say ‘but there are lots of films like that’, and, kind of, you are right. However, that is usually a hot girl or hot guy falling for a shy girl/shy guy, but with this they are both more or less ordinary, which for me makes it special, as not many films do that. It gives me hope that an ordinary guy like me can get, yes, an ‘ordinary’ girl, but also, at the same time, although she is ‘ordinary’, she is, because of that, extraordinary. One day, a ordinary, nice girl will find me, I hope, and will love me for who I am.


Pessimism and Idealism

If you read my blog you’d think I’m a pessimist. I am. But at the same time I’m also an idealist. I suppose that’s not to difficult to imagine, really. I mean, pessimism doesn’t necessarily imply realism, right? Ok, perhaps it does, but I don’t think it always follows.

Take my attitude towards my friends, for example. My feelings towards them is of love and affection, of perfect friendships that work very well and are a lot of fun. However, my model of friendship is outdated and therefore makes our friendships seem not so perfect.

To me, friends regularly invite each other round to have fun, yet it’s been many years since any of my friends did that, even before uni. I fairly regularly invite people round but since their invites had dried up, I stopped too. But I miss it – I miss it a lot and it makes me wonder if my friendships are as strong at they seem in the model in my head.

It’s like with my ‘best friends’, A, J and E. I say they are my best friends, but really, we’re not. A and me have only fairly recently hade up, as you may know, so we don’t really know each other any more, and J has his girlfriend now, and even before that we weren’t really best friends. The only person who’s really stayed my actual best friend is E, as much as it pains me to say it.

I know, partly it’s my fault for not trying once they’d seemed to have given up, or for falling out with A in the first place over a silly misunderstanding, but more importantly, perhaps, for having an idea of friendship that is clearly above what is expected of people our age now. I suppose my vision of friendship is still very much based on the one children have, and that is not what people do at our age, around 18 and over.

It’s not their fault that they aren’t interested in my version of friendship – it’s a long-outdated model. It’s my fault for expecting so much of them. I really have to learn not to expect anything from anyone just because I’ve known them a long time. I have to earn their interest and their friendship, all the time. Otherwise, I’ll only be disappointed.

Wow, that kinda want a bit off topic from what I started talking about…

My Christmas Haul

I’m 18 but my parents have decided that they’re still going to buy me presents. This is what I got:

Coby DP700 7" Digital Photo Frame

A DP 300 digital photo frame.I’ve really wanted one of these for ages but up until now they’ve been too expensive. Then, on the run up to Christmas I saw this one really cheap at (I love that site) and I thought “I have to put this on my list”. Lo and behold, I got it! I (more or less) instantly filled it with lots of lovely pictures of me and my friends, and I absolutely love it – just plug it in and away it goes, displaying all the nice pictures. I fired it up for five minutes one night, which was a mistake, as I found that I miss them all terribly. I really am too close to my friends, I think I have a problem. Well, another problem to the ever-growing list, at least.

Another thing I got was Chuck Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about this nerdy guy who gets a load of government secrets into his brain with no way of getting them out, so has to be protected by two secret agent ‘handlers’, Casey (Adam Baldwin) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). More interesting to me (kinda why I like the show) is Chuck’s relationship with Sarah. It’s slowly revealed that they both like each other, but Sarah can’t really admit it because she has to protect Chuck and is a spy so naturally does not want Chuck to know anything about her, even though she does really like him. Again, I like it because it’s the whole nerd-might-get-the-girl situation that I look up to – if he can get the girl, then perhaps I can do. Then again, he’s a nerd, I’m just a geek, so not really that good a comparison (Nerd = clever and likes sci-fi, fantasy, e.t.c. Geek = second bit without the first bit i.e cleverness, see here). But anyway – yeah, I want to be the geek who gets the girl.
(I reckon in my life though that I know the ending. It certainly won’t be me getting the girl.)

I also got Star Trek on Blu-ray, The Hangover on DVD and Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits. Oh yeah, and lots of chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. But I’ve already eaten most of it. Pretty good haul, all in all. Now to spend money to buy what I didn’t get, that I wanted, in the post-Christmas sales. Yay! I’m going to buy Wipeout HD: Fury and Motorstorm: Arctic Edge I think. Well, Wipeout at least.

Stay tuned for more (hopefully) interesting posts from me in the coming days, weeks, and months. Have a good new year, although I’m sure I’ll post something before then. Got to do my uni essay this week as well, blast it. Oh well, life goes on…

The Truman Show (Important Films Part 1)

Yesterday I mentioned that I have to start doing more interesting posts. Funnily enough, I came up with one today! I just watched The Truman Show on Film4 and it was great. It was the first time I’d seen it. I’d heard about it before but never got around to watching it. Now I have, I have to talk about it! Also, over the next few days I think, I’ll discuss other films I have particular attachments to. It won’t be films I just really like, like Star Wars or Airplane! or something, but a film that actually means something to me.

For those of you who don’t know The Truman Show, it stars Jim Carrey (one of my favourite actors) as a man called Truman whose life is a reality soap opera, televised 24/7 to billions across the globe, unbeknownst to him. It basically shows the exploitative nature of reality TV (which I dislike), but I’m not going into that. I want to talk about how he ends up escaping from his constructed life.

Basically, he slowly discovers it through random events, but underneath all that, really, is his love for this girl he briefly met, who tried to tell him what was going on. His love for this girl clearly occupies his life and it is really his quest to find her that leads him out. I like it because it shows the power that love can have. You could argue that it isn’t properly love because he never really knew her, but somebody can still love someone just from one fleeting moment, precisely because it is brief and the person always wonders what it would be like if they’d got with that person.

I always wonder ‘what if’. ‘What if’ I’d done this, what if I’d done that. How that would of affected me. How it could have made me a better person. Practically every decision I make, I question myself about later. Why did I choose one path? Why did I not go the other way? Often I want to go back and change whatever decision – but I can’t. I’m struck with me how I am.

One thing bad I would say about The Truman Show is the ending. Yes, he escaped, but they didn’t show the reunion of him and the girl he fell in love with. That to me suggests that perhaps it didn’t happen and therefore my conclusion that this film shows the power of love falls flat. I really hope they did get together at the end. I don’t know what I’d do if they didn’t.

Risqué Photos

As I said in my previous post about Saturday’s party, there were risqué photos taken. Well, that was actually exaggerated. There was one of one of the girl’s cleavage, one (accidentally this time) of a girl’s chest as she was walking past the camera (fully clothed, that is, lol) and some of me, as mentioned before, with two girls (unfortunately fully clothed lol) in my bed. As you can probably tell, I have a thing for boobs – but then again, what guy doesn’t?

All in all, as you can tell, it wasn’t a particularly interesting party. Then again, I don’t have many other thoughts about what I should post about, so this will have to do. I probably, really, shouldn’t bother posting at all if I have nothing interesting to say, but I cry for attention like that. Silly me. The party was a lot of fun though.

Hopefully I’ll have a more interesting post for you soon.

Other People in Bed With Me!

During Saturdays aforementioned party some of my friends decided they wanted to go see my room – rather embarassing really, since it’s an absolute geek-fest in there, with Star Wars posters and memorabilia and other stuff. They weren’t really supposed to go upstairs, and did anyway, so I thought I better supervise them. So I went up to find 3 of them in my bed (fully clothed of course). Very unusual occurrence, people in my bed, and some of them (2 of 3) were girls, to boot! They insisted I joined them so I dived straight in and decided to put my face in one of the girl’s boobs for a second in that way you see people do (as a joke). After that I then used the other girl’s boobs as a pillow for several seconds, which was actually very comfortable (not surprising really, I suppose). Then we took some photos. One of these photos is me in my bed, in between two girls. Result! Then we left to continue the party.

Unfortunately those photos haven’t surfaced yet.


Everyone is back from uni for Christmas, yay! I held a party at my house and it was awesome. We had a lot of fun and nothing was broken or puked on, which was good. It was so great to see everybody again, although I’ll probably now miss them even more after Christmas because of it.

I couldn’t believe how many people brought cameras, there were 4 flying around the place (not literally of course), ensuring everyone who forgot things in their drunken state could be reminded of them in the coming days. I suppose it’s really more to do with showing off on Facebook, which is where all pictures end up, even the more risqué ones (I’ll explain in the coming days in other posts). Drunken amnesia is a thing of the past, due to it being carefully documented on camera (especially since all digital camera now record video too) but embarrassing photos certainly aren’t!

P.S Before I go, quick shout-out to boysandbooks for mentioning me on her Twitter account, thanks very much 🙂

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