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I Shouldn’t Have Gone

My friend’s sister’s party (well, she is kinda my friend but not really) that I talked about the other day didn’t go very well. Firstly, that girl I used to like that was there left a mere 45 minutes after I got there, and the whole time I was there practically ignored me. I think I’ll allow us to drift apart as friends now, not talk to her on msn or interact with her on Facebook. I’m also probably not going to go to her 19th birthday party, which I kinda didn’t want to go to anyway because it was 80s theme, involving dressing up, which I frankly hate. I’ll probably just make up some excuse. Even if I did go, I wouldn’t enjoy it anyway because I won’t know 99% of the people there and I’d feel like a berk standing there in some sort of costume.

Secondly, it was pretty rubbish party –  all we did was eat sweets/chocolate and watch 28 Days Later, which turned out to be good, but not very scary. Not in that environment anyway. Oh well, I knew I shouldn’t have gone, I should have trusted my instincts. I should listen to myself more.

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