My Appearance

I’ve had the same hairstyle for my whole life (well, I say hairstyle, it’s really just hair), which is short back-and-sides. That’s I think what makes me most easily recognisable from when I was younger, unlike my other friends who’ve changed their hairstyles so it’s more difficult to tell it’s them in old photos. I don’t know why I really brought that point up, but whatever. When I looked at my hair in the mirror earlier, I could’ve sworn I was wearing a wig.

There’s one thing I don’t like about myself, and that’s my nose. It’s massive! I always used to get a lot of stick for it in secondary school (it was all all-boys school, pretty competitive in terms of social standing or whatever, so insults were rife) and every time I look at it in the mirror I hate it. If I was ever to have cosmetic surgery, that’s what I’d have done, despite the fact I abhor what cosmetic surgery represents.

I also don’t know, or really care, about fashion. Up until very recently my mum still bought all my clothes, the only time before that I bought them was if I wanted a film or TV show-related t-shirt. A lot of my friends are fashion concious, but for some reason I’ve never really given much thought to it. I’d probably be pretentious to say it was because I think I want people to like me for who I am, not how I dress, but that would be making false claims, really.

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