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Who Is It?

As I sit in the square, I look at all the women and I think:

Is it you, the one with the flowing brown hair?
Is it you, the one with the alluring legs?
Is it you, the one with the beautiful face?
Is it you, the one with the fantastic cleavage?

But then my eye is drawn to a girl, sitting all alone

No. It is more likely to be you,
The one with the faraway look.
The one with the demure demeanour.
The one that seems almost to say

‘I need someone to sit with me
To comfort and protect me
To love and cherish me
To always be by my side’

I want to be all this, and more
But I know it can never be
Even though, if it was,
It would endure


I’ve Joined Twitter

I’ve join Twitter. Well, I say I’ve joined Twitter, what I mean is that I’ve already got Twitter but am creating an account linked to this blog so I can shamelessly plug this blog on Twitter, to get more people to read it. I’m ashamed to say that’s really my only motivation, not too expand this blog into other mediums. Perhaps it will be self-defeating, as nobody likes a Twitter trying to promote something, but it might yet work. My account is

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The Nobility Of Loneliness

Walking along the street, all alone
Head held high, he passes unnoticed
The loneliness does not get to him
He glides as quietly as a cloud

Walking along the street, all alone
Of the people around him, he does not care
He keep himself to himself, he seems like he’s not there
But all the time he watches, and judges

Walking along the street, all alone
Other life, to him, seems trivial
It is all about getting from A to B
The drive for efficiency

There’s an air of nobility in his loneliness
Never touching, never feeling
He must have a higher goal in life
Than the trivialities of man

But what is the case, in fact, my friends
Is this is exactly what he likes to think
But he is wrong, and I will tell you why
Because he is so lonely, he sometimes wants just to die

He is in want of a friend, or a companion, indeed
He cannot function until he fulfils this need
Because until he finds that one special girl
He will not matter; his life will be empty

One Of My Best Friends Is Back From Uni For The Weekend!

One of my best friends, E, is back from uni for the weekend and she’s going to come over for the afternoon on Sunday. I can’t wait! Every time we’re talking on MSN we’re both like “miss you!”, it’s so lovely. It does occasionally get a bit ridiculous though. We are such close friends, it’s really nice to have a friend you’re that close to.

It’s so funny, when I was talking to her on MSN she said she liked serveral guys at uni, and every time I talked to her after that I kept exaggerate the figure. I eventually stopped when we agreed that if anything changes in each of our relationships-with-the-opposite-sex situations changes we’ll tell each other, instead of both asking each time, and each time saying “no change”. I also teased her about if she ‘liked’ any girls instead. She just said “oh, you’re so funny! :P” (sarcasm by the way). I love annoying her, well, anyone, all the time. Sometimes I have to stop because I do it too much, but she doesn’t mind mostly. Especially teasing her about boys.

It’s a real shame that she hasn’t settled down in a nice long-term relationship with anybody yet, like my other friends M and J (see this post). She really deserves somebody nice to have a great relationship with, as she’s unbelievably nice, fun to be around, and quite pretty. I’m sure Mr Right will appear one day soon and sweep her off her feet, and I’ll be there to say “awww.”

I can’t wait for to see her 🙂

I Shouldn’t Have Gone

My friend’s sister’s party (well, she is kinda my friend but not really) that I talked about the other day didn’t go very well. Firstly, that girl I used to like that was there left a mere 45 minutes after I got there, and the whole time I was there practically ignored me. I think I’ll allow us to drift apart as friends now, not talk to her on msn or interact with her on Facebook. I’m also probably not going to go to her 19th birthday party, which I kinda didn’t want to go to anyway because it was 80s theme, involving dressing up, which I frankly hate. I’ll probably just make up some excuse. Even if I did go, I wouldn’t enjoy it anyway because I won’t know 99% of the people there and I’d feel like a berk standing there in some sort of costume.

Secondly, it was pretty rubbish party –  all we did was eat sweets/chocolate and watch 28 Days Later, which turned out to be good, but not very scary. Not in that environment anyway. Oh well, I knew I shouldn’t have gone, I should have trusted my instincts. I should listen to myself more.

I Just Want Somebody To Hold

I want somebody to care
I want somebody to love

I want somebody to hold close to me
I want somebody to make me feel special

I want somebody I can make feel special
I just want somebody to hold in my arms

And tell me that I’m not alone

My Friend’s Sister

Would you find it weird if your friend’s sister became friends with you? You see, the sister of one of this friend of mine always hang out with us when he was throwing a party, so naturally we all became friends. However, don’t you think that’s a bit strange? As far as I know, most girls would hate to go anywhere near their older brother’s friends, but this girl really considers us all proper friends.

Okay perhaps this isn’t unusual in itself, but what’s made me think this now is that she’s invited me, and another of my (and her’s now) friends (everyone else is away at university you see) to her 16th birthday party. Okay, she only really invited me because somebody else I knew pulled out and so the other person I’m friends with would feel a little isolated if she was on her own with just this guy’s sister and her friends, so I was invited to keep her company, but I still find it strange. Is it strange, or is it just me? Another bad thing about this situation is that the other person I know that’s going is that girl who I used to like but rejected me, and we haven’t seen each other since.

I don’t really know what to do, as that’ll make it awkward since me and her will be sticking together because we won’t know anybody else. So – do I say something to her, see if she pulls out so I don’t have to go when she realises the exact situation, or do I assume she realises, not care about it, go anyway and muddle through? I really don’t know what to do.

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