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Sudden Realisation About University: Dammit!

I have just realised he probably should have done halls at Portsmouth rather than staying here in Southampton and commuting in, in order to make lots of friends at uni. In my current situation I won’t spend enough time actually in Portsmouth to make any friends. People in halls make lots of friends like lightning, whereas I’ll have to wait until proper lessons start and I get involved in socities first, and probably not make anywhere near as many friends as I would have done had I been in halls. I’m so stupid! Oh well, too late now I suppose, I’m just totally screwed…

I won’t spend enough time actually in Portsmouth to make any friend
  1. 08/10/2009 at 8:26 pm

    When I go to uni, I’ll be staying at home too. (Uni is quite a few years off for me though 😛 )
    But surely after you get settled in, you could move closer to uni and then you’d make more friends and be able to get involved with whatever’s going on there because you would actually physically be there. Maybe financial reasons don’t allow that or whatever, I know students are always skint.

    But I like your “I blame society” approach – matches mine! :L

    • 08/10/2009 at 8:51 pm

      Yeah I’m going to see what I’m going to do later probably.
      Society is to blame for most things really 🙂

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