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A Genuine Connection Between Friends

There’s this girl I’ve known for around two years now, I’ll call her M on here, and I got to know her because she is going out with one of my best friends. We are a lot alike and I think we share a genuine connection, something rare between friends, that was clear almost instantly.

I feel like I can talk to her about anything, pretty much, and she’ll always be willing to listen and she’ll completely understand where I’m coming from with my problems. I felt I could trust her with anything from pretty early on in our friendship, it was kinda strange. It sort of reminded me of Doctor Who when people say “I don’t know why I trust him, I just do”, even if they’ve only just met him.

One thing that shows the strength and trust in our friendship is that she admitted that she did used to fancy me before she started going out with my best friend, and I also admitted that a small part of me (about 1%) did fancy her, but this didn’t change our friendship or view of each other, we simply took it as a compliment and something to show how much we trusted each other with anything we wanted to say. It takes special friends to have that level of understanding, I feel.

She’s had some bullying problems in her past, which is something I can relate to, but she’s the nicest person you’d ever hope to meet. Sometimes she can be too nice though, and not see people’s flaws, but I can’t fault her for that, it’s a nice way to be.

She said something to me the other day which really touched me, and I must say I feel the same way about her. She said “you seem like my long lost childhood friend that i always wanted”. Yes I did have childhood friends but the connection we have, the personality traits we share makes it seem like I have known her since childhood, and for her friendship I am truly grateful.

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