Out on the Town

I get kinda jealous when I hear that friends are going into town, or going to parties that I’m not invited to. It really gets me down. It’s not that I’d like to go, exactly, (God knows, that’s not my scene) but I am jealous that they’re having fun with friends/girls when I’m not.

It also gets me down because although I know I wouldn’t thrive in that environment. I don’t really like to dance and don’t really like other people in close proximity to me, especially girls – I wouldn’t know where to look – and that depresses me. I’d like to be the type of person that goes into town every Tuesday night and has a good time in clubs, dancing and getting drunk, but I’m just not.

I suppose, as C-3PO would say, it’s my lot in life – to be home alone while everyone else has a good time.

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