Losing A Friend To A Girl

Am I the only person that finds it annoying that when your friend gets a girlfriend, you hardly ever see them? They spend all their available time together and if you’re organising a party or get-togther and one of them can’t come, the other decides to give it a miss too. Okay you could say that’s the nature of love, they can’t bear being somewhere having fun without the other. However, I can’t see why one should have to suffer sitting at home alone while their friends party, just because their girlfriend can’t come.

Sure, they love each other, but does that mean they should forsake fun and friendship for that love? Why do they have to suffer? That might say they don’t mind, but I suspect that deep down inside, they do. If I had a girlfriend and we were invited to a party that I couldn’t make but she could, I wouldn’t mind if she went without me. Similarly, if we were invited to a party that she couldn’t attend but I could, I would still go. Is that harsh? Is that inconsiderate? I don’t think it is – if she can’t go, or I can’t go, what’s the problem if the other goes out to have a good time in their absense?

That’s just how I see it, perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps I’ll realise I’m wrong if I ever get a girlfriend. But then again, I might be right!

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