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I Thought I’d Made A Friend…

On Monday at university I got introduced to some lecturers and information about my course, and also met people in my tutor. Typically, we had to do some icebreaker exercises, and I was paired up with a girl, our jobs being to find about about each other and inform the rest of our tutor. We seemed to strike up a bit of a rapport during the exercise and I assumed (somewhere naively) that we could be friends, because obviously in university, because everyone is coming from far away and doesn’t know anyone, it is supposed to be easy to make friends. However, after tutor she buggered off without so much as a ‘goodbye’. Oh well, university is going to be a lonely experience…


Sudden Realisation About University: Dammit!

I have just realised he probably should have done halls at Portsmouth rather than staying here in Southampton and commuting in, in order to make lots of friends at uni. In my current situation I won’t spend enough time actually in Portsmouth to make any friends. People in halls make lots of friends like lightning, whereas I’ll have to wait until proper lessons start and I get involved in socities first, and probably not make anywhere near as many friends as I would have done had I been in halls. I’m so stupid! Oh well, too late now I suppose, I’m just totally screwed…

I won’t spend enough time actually in Portsmouth to make any friend

A Genuine Connection Between Friends

There’s this girl I’ve known for around two years now, I’ll call her M on here, and I got to know her because she is going out with one of my best friends. We are a lot alike and I think we share a genuine connection, something rare between friends, that was clear almost instantly.

I feel like I can talk to her about anything, pretty much, and she’ll always be willing to listen and she’ll completely understand where I’m coming from with my problems. I felt I could trust her with anything from pretty early on in our friendship, it was kinda strange. It sort of reminded me of Doctor Who when people say “I don’t know why I trust him, I just do”, even if they’ve only just met him.

One thing that shows the strength and trust in our friendship is that she admitted that she did used to fancy me before she started going out with my best friend, and I also admitted that a small part of me (about 1%) did fancy her, but this didn’t change our friendship or view of each other, we simply took it as a compliment and something to show how much we trusted each other with anything we wanted to say. It takes special friends to have that level of understanding, I feel.

She’s had some bullying problems in her past, which is something I can relate to, but she’s the nicest person you’d ever hope to meet. Sometimes she can be too nice though, and not see people’s flaws, but I can’t fault her for that, it’s a nice way to be.

She said something to me the other day which really touched me, and I must say I feel the same way about her. She said “you seem like my long lost childhood friend that i always wanted”. Yes I did have childhood friends but the connection we have, the personality traits we share makes it seem like I have known her since childhood, and for her friendship I am truly grateful.

Out on the Town

I get kinda jealous when I hear that friends are going into town, or going to parties that I’m not invited to. It really gets me down. It’s not that I’d like to go, exactly, (God knows, that’s not my scene) but I am jealous that they’re having fun with friends/girls when I’m not.

It also gets me down because although I know I wouldn’t thrive in that environment. I don’t really like to dance and don’t really like other people in close proximity to me, especially girls – I wouldn’t know where to look – and that depresses me. I’d like to be the type of person that goes into town every Tuesday night and has a good time in clubs, dancing and getting drunk, but I’m just not.

I suppose, as C-3PO would say, it’s my lot in life – to be home alone while everyone else has a good time.

I Hate Creepy-Crawlies

I hate creepy-crawlies.  I hate moths, daddy long-legs and spiders. I don’t really know why I hate them. I especially hate them when they’re in my room in the evening, because I worry I may swallow them during the night, which I really don’t want to do. Moths and daddy long-legs are particularly annoying because they can fly about and generally get in your way. Flying daddy long-legs seem to have a particular attraction to my room these days, I think I’ve had 3 in my room in the space of 4 days or so. There’s one in my room now, I’ve injured it but haven’t seen it for a while, this is particularly concerning. I still have bug guts of my wall from killing one the other day. Perhaps he flew back outside: I certainly hope so.

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Save The BBC!

The BBC is being attacked from all sides, and somebody needs to help it!
Labour is attacking the BBC:
Newspapers are attacking the BBC:
Govt departments are attacking the BBC:
At least the Tories are defending it:

To those who complain that the BBC’s commercial arm makes lots of money and the license fee is too high, do you realise profits from the commercial arm help subsidise the license fee? Get rid of the commercial arm and the license fee will go up! Do you want that? I didn’t think so!

To those who want to top-slice the license fee, why would you want to do that, I ask?! The BBC are the only ones who make decent programmes, especially news programmes. ITV is the worst for news, 99% of their headlines involve celebrities, they’re the TV equivalent of The Sun and don’t deserve license fee money, since they’d only waste it on making more rubbish than they do now. BBC News is the best news organisation in the world and completely unbiased. If the license fee is ‘top-sliced’ this would be ruined. Don’t ruin the BBC, and especially don’t scrap the license fee: the BBC is the only decent TV company left!

You’ve probably heard that the BBC is rubbish from whereever else you get your news, but they would say that, wouldn’t they, since they’re competing against the BBC! They know they can’t compete with them becuase the BBC are so fantastic, and the license fee is the reason why they’re so good: if they were a commercial company, they would have to make awful, ‘popular’ programmes like the other channels do and so most people who like the BBC would switch off their TVs altogether. I know I would, if the BBC was privatised.

At least the Conservatives are talking sense when it comes to the BBC, compared to Labour’s stance. The BBC works fantastically as it is, and to change how it operates would be to destroy it. Those who don’t see how valuable it is shouldn’t be allowed to watch any TV at all.

Guys and Girls Can Just Be Friends

When reading this post on somebody’s blog an interesting topic, one I know a lot about, came up, on the subject of: Can guys and girls just be friends? I made a few comments there and decided to post them here also to share my opinion on the subject.

I know guys and girls can just be friends, I have a best friend, E, who is a girl. I’ve known her for most my life and I’ve never had any other thoughts than being friends with her. I’ve known her since the beginning of primary school, pretty much and I ‘love’ her. But I love her as a friend, not in any other way. The Greeks would say it’s philiac love, (which I’ve mentioned before in my blog) as ‘lifelong friends’.

It can get annoying though, when you’re that close friends with a girl. I get a lot of flak from people saying “do you want to go out with her”, “ask her out”, “you love her” e.t.c when it isn’t like that at all. I won’t deny that my subconcious, my body does very occasionally respond to her in a different way, but that is not how I think of her, and I certainly won’t let a few stray chemicals rule my actions. Of course your animal instict is still going to be slightly attracted to her because of the mere fact she is of the opposite sex, but if your mind still sees her as only a friend, that’s what you will be happy with, and that is the way it can stay, without any trouble. I know, I’ve experienced it myself. Don’t be afraid to be friends with the opposite sex – it can, and does, happen!

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