Is She Ignoring Me?

The saga continues! I swear that girl I like is ignoring me. I’ve acted normally but every time I’ve commented on any of her status’ or anything else on Facebook there appears to be a noticeable wall of silence. Perhaps I’m misinterpreting the situation, but I swear I’m right. It was cemented in my mind when I commented on someone else’s status (one of her friends) and she also commented after me, ignoring me, then adding another comment, “oh hello (my name here)”, just as somebody would if they were ignoring somebody standing near them during a conversation with a friend and had said that just after she walked away. Is that deliberate, to signal to me that she isn’t interested? I’m getting really worried. Every word I type here, the more I think about it, the more concerned I get.

I’m totally screwed, aren’t I? She isn’t interested, is she? Is she!? She hates me, she hates all the attention I pile on her. It could be the pressue of her less-than pleasing A-level results and the changing of her uni course because of it, which is what a friend suggested also. She might be annoyed and lashing out. I really hope so, it means I might be in with a chance yet. I hope!

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