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She’s Fit But My God She Doesn’t Know It

Yes, unfortunatly it’s another post about that girl I like. If anyone reads this blog regularly they probably think I’m a bit obsessed with her, but when you like someone, can’t you help but become obsessed? Well, I can’t help it anyway.

One of the strange things about her that she is fit, unbelievably so. Yet she doesn’t think so (yes the title of this post comes from a The Streets song), always criticising her appearance, saying things like “my stomach sticks out” e.t.c, yet I know that your stomach is is supposed to stick out, that’s how it’s shaped, and if it’s not then you have some serious health issues. Indeed, she says she had aneorexia at one point, although she says she’s over it now. However, looking at some of the stuff she says about herself, you wouldn’t think so. I’ve had to stop mentioning how her criticism of herslef annoys me, in order to stop her being pissed off with me and me having no chance of asking her out.

This is going to sound really gay, but this is something that I would like to try and change if I do go out with her – I want to try and persuade her that she is unbelievably hot and beautiful. It sounds like a bit of a cliche but I want to try and make her she herself for what she is – a beautiful, attractive, lovely young woman.

Unfortunatly I don’t have much chance of her saying yes when I ask her out, and probably even less of a chance of changing her mind about her body even if she does say yes. I can only try, I suppose.

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