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Two People’s Feelings

I’ve been in college (college in U.K terms, not U.S terms) for over 1 ½ years and for most of that time there was this girl I knew but she wasn’t exactly my friend, but I’ve talked a bit to her in college before.

However, for the last few days I’ve started talking to her on MSN. So far what we’ve mostly talked about is her emotional problems and eating problems. You see, she is very, very beautiful, but she doesn’t see it, and in fact she think she’s too fat when she is like the slimmest person I’ve ever seen. This problem has been evident on Facebook and I’ve previously commented on her stuff on Facebook that is self-deprecating. The thing is, ever since I first met her I kind of fancied her, but more in the sort of “yeah, she’s fit” kinda way, but now hearing about her problems I am kind of getting the (silly) idea that I should, and want to, go out with her and at the same time make her feel better about herself.

However, I’m don’t really want to ask her directly but instead kind of drop hints in the hope she picks up on them. The only trouble with that is, if she ignores them it will get very weird between us and she’ll probably hate me. I don’t really know what to do. She probably wouldn’t want to go out with my anway, and I’m not really that close to her so I feel like I’m jumping the gun here. I’m going to ask one of my friends for advice, I think.


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