Best Dream Ever

Last night I had the best dream ever. It was the best dream ever becuase it was one where I got with the girl I liked. The dream starts off a bit randomly but gets better.

It’s the easter break so I’m talking to her on MSN, saying how bored and lonley I am, and would like anyone to come around to make it less boring. She says she has nothing to do so she’ll be more than happy to come over. So,  she comes over and we decide to watch a film. My room is kinda looking like a cinema all of a sudden, because it’s a dream, duh. Anyway, while we’re watching the film I put my arm around her and she doesn’t seem to mind (she has a boyfriend) and after a while we start sort of cuddling up to each other. Then suddenly, our eyes meet and we lean in towards each other, and kiss. Passionately.  This goes on for a while but eventually the dream degenerates into a strange montage of us going out and kissing ever more, which was when the dream fades out.

Too bad it’s just a dream, and will never come true. At least I can picture the dream in my head though, and imagine what it would be like to kiss that girl, and hold her in my arms. I may turn this dream (and this blog post basically) into a poem, it would be a much better way of telling it, removing all the stranger dream-like randomness and just have the important bits. That would be good.

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