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Crushes Over Continents

Recently I’ve been wondering if it’s possible, via that great medium the Internet, to have a full-blown crush on someone. Before you get any strange ideas, I’m just talking about ordinary forums that anyone would visit.

You see, I’ve been thinking for a while now that I’ve developed a crush for someone on one of the forums I regularly visit. I sometimes talked to her over the  ‘personal message’ system in the forum about some personal stuff, and of course she regularly posts on the forum, like I do. She also posts funny videos on YouTube of funny stuff she gets up to.

I realised I had a crush a while back, and have actually kept a fair few PMs from her in my inbox in the forum as well. It seems a bit strange that I’ve developed a proper crush over the Internet, but then again I suppose it must happen a bit these days. She lives in America, hence the title.

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