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Another Deceptive Friend

The other day I told you about a deceptive friend. Here comes a story of another (albeit suspected rather than certain) deception. E has never seen Lord Of The Rings. Crazy, I know. So a while ago I said “Would you like to come over and see them all?” and she said yet, genuinly. So this week I said, “So, would you like to come over and see LOTR this weekend?” and she said “Sure”. I believed her.

So I told her the date, and she said she’d check if she could come. The next day, I asked her if she had and she said no. That was fine. The next day, I asked again. Still no. I said, “If you don’t want to come around, that’s ok.” But she said she did. The day before, still nothing, so I said “Text me, on the day, if you can.” By this point, I was getting very suspitious.

The day arrives. I wait until 12:30, still no text. I give up all hope. Two o’clock, I go on MSN to discover her on there. I said to her “I suppose you’re not coming then?” to which she replied “I’m really sorry I forgot to ask.” So I say, begrudgingly, “That’s okay, I didn’t mind really”.

I didn’t mind, in a way. I didn’t mind if she didn’t want to come over and see it. Perhaps she doesn’t want to see the films. Perhaps, more likely, she didn’t want to be in a situation when it was just me and her in a room, despite the fact I didn’t like her that way, and I have, not explicitly, explained in various blog posts.

The angering thing is not the not wanting to come over and see it. The angering thing was the lying to get out of it, not the fact she didn’t want to come. I would understand if she didn’t want to see it, even though it was kinda her idea in the first place and it seemed like she wanted to see it. I would’ve accepted it if she’d said it, but doing it this way didn’t make me feel very good.

Perhaps I was stupid though. I should’ve seen the signs, I should’ve taken the hint. Perhaps I was right, she still hasn’t got over it. I would love to make her understand, but bringing it back up all these years later is something that I think would only make things worst. Probably. Perhaps though, I’m mistaken, I’m overreacting. I guess I’ll never know.

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